From an information brochure to an online booking platform – Kongress Kalender Medizin becomes medimondo!

In 1993, Spitta GmbH took over the Kongress Kalender Medizin and has set itself the task to continuously adapt and develop the calendar according to the most recent requirements and needs of the demanders. In the 90s, many medical practices phased a new work tool in, which has become a vital part of today’s world: the computer. Furthermore, there was a sudden increase of computers in private households. Spitta has quickly responded to this trend: In 1996 the classic print calendar was transformed into a digital information tool. It was turned into a software which made searching for relevant events has become much easier thanks to the comprehensive filter options.

Together with the upswing of the computer, the World Wide Web also became more and more present in medical practices and private households. Spitta GmbH also quickly came up with a solution for this. In 1998, the Kongress Kalender Medizin could be accessed online for the first time. Thus, a platform has been created, on which information about national and international conferences and further trainings is published every day. While developing this platform, the topicality and diversity of medical events has always been in the focus.

In the course of the years, the requirements of the internet users has changed significantly. The focus of a successful website is now on modern design and outstanding usability. This is another point, Spitta is now taking action about. In 2017 the development of a new, intuitive platform and a totally new brand - medimondo - was started. As of now, user-friendliness for the event operators and visitors will be in the focus of the event platform.

In 1993 Spitta GmbH, a leading media company in the field of dental medicine, took over the “Kongress Kalender Medizin und Dental” and extended its existing product portfolio of publications in the fields of medicine and dental medicine.

So far, creating events has been difficult and was usually done with the assistance of Spitta GmbH’s staff. Medimondo enables event operators to easily, quickly and independently create their events as of now. Thus, maintaining and managing events is simplified significantly. The events can also be found with the Google search, due to medimondo’s professional search engine optimization. This significantly enhances the range and visibility of the individual events, as the prospects cannot only directly find the events on medimondo, but also via searching assisted by a search engine. This provides the event operators with the possibility to acquire even more visitors for their events.

Prospects also benefit from the more comfortable and simplified search for relevant events with medimondo. Medimondo offers a wide range of national and international conferences and further trainings in the fields of medicine and dentistry. The prospects profit from high quality event offers with detailed information. Medimondo offers a search agent to make the search for relevant events even easier. In this search agent, persons interested in events can set individual search criteria, such as specialist fields or venues, and will automatically receive an email as soon as a new event matching their predefined filter criteria becomes available. The visitors of medimondo also benefit from the search engine optimization. It also enables them to find the relevant events even faster with a Google search.

Medimondo will soon release a mobile app to meet users’ requirements. Persons offering and searching for events will be able to use this app, which will contain all the extensive functions of medimondo.

Thanks to the reputation of Spitta GmbH and Kongress Kalender Medizin, medimondo has a large number of business partners. These partners are medical councils and dentists’ associations, medical expert associations, training institutes, conference facilities, organizers of dental and medical fairs, and professional congress organizers (PCO). This stable network ensures the quality, completeness and reliability of the permanently updated data on