ESUR 2018 - 25th European Symposium on Urogenital Radiology


Dear Colleagues,

On behalf of the European Society of Urogenital Radiology (ESUR), it is my great pleasure to invite you all to attend the upcoming 25th Annual Meeting of the ESUR. The summit will be held in the lovely city of Barcelona, a cosmopolitan city with a valuable architectural and monumental heritage. The city enjoys a prime location with a warm climate and excellent transport links with the rest of Europe.

The local organising committee of the ESUR 2018 is proud to prepare a programme of outstanding scientific quality, dedicated to most recent developments and challenges in
Urogenital Imaging as well as to education and training.

Preliminary Programme:

- Members´ Scientific Session
- Current ESUR Issues
- How I do it
- The many faces of Urogenital Radiology
- ESUR General Assembly
- Renal Cancer Imaging
- Workshop: Standardized reporting of adnexal masses (clinical case session)
- Workshop: Prostate cancer: The magnetised needle, where does it point to?
- Central Course Bladder cancer: Conventional Imaging (MR, CT) in MIBC mpMRI: Technical requirement,
VI-RADS 1.0, Correct imaging interpretation after Treatment
- Workshop: Imaging the pregnant Patient
- Workshop: Endometriosis, a diagnostic challenge: From beginner to winner
- Scientific Paper Session - Adrenal-Kidney-Excretory tract
- Future is coming - Artificial Intelligence Guide to Radiogenomics
- Pelvic Floor Imaging group “Plenary Session Topics”
- Central Course Uterine Cervix cancer: Diagnosis, Staging, Follow-up and pitfalls
- Workshop: Excretory tract
- Workshop: Prostate cancer: The magnetised needle, where does it point to?
- ASAR Honorary Session
- Workshop: Leiomyoma and Sarcomas
- Scientific Paper Session - Gyne
- Central Course Ovarian cancer: Diagnosis, Staging, Follow-up and pitfalls
- Urogenital emergencies
- Scientific Session - Prostate
- ESGAR-ESUR Joint Session - Diffusion MRI
- Workshop: Contrast-enhanced Ultrasound of the kidney
- Workshop: A primer to read MRI of the prostate including PIRADS 2 and beyond
- Testicular cancer - How to manage today
- Pediatric Urogenital Session
- Workshop Session
- Central Course Prostate cancer: Diagnosis, Staging, Follow-up and pitfalls
- Workshop: Uterine congenital abnormalities and clinical implications
- Advances in molecular imaging for urogenital cancers
- Contrast Media Safety Session
- mpMRI Prostate- Prostatitis can spoil the party!
- Hands on pelvic floor Workshop
- Challenging Urogenital cases
- Ablation of the kidney
- Scientific Paper Session - Scrotum, Bladder, Prostate
- Central Course Endometrial cancer: Diagnosis, Staging, Follow-up and pitfalls
- Workshop: Pitfalls and tricks on mp MRI of the prostate
- Gynecological cancer
- Workshop: MRI of the penis

Termine und Preise
13.09. - 16.09.2018
/ Ab 14:00 Uhr
Barcelona (Spanien)
/ Hotel Crowne Plaza Barcelona Fira Center
Regulärer Preis
Standardteilnehmer € 610,00