ESOR ASKLEPIOS Course on Cardio-Thoracic Imaging Biomarkers


This course aims to familiarise radiology residents in their final years of training and board-certified radiologists with cutting-edge clinical and quantitative imaging technology. The two-day course addresses the development of radiomics and imaging biomarkers in clinical practice, focusing on the precise and accurate analysis of lung tumours, diffuse lung diseases and cardiac disorders. The role of quantitative imaging in clinical trials, treatment effects and toxicity will be defined. The course will cover the clinical needs, technical solutions and practical implementation aspects. Also, the main biases in validating and reporting imaging data will be covered. Moreover, the course will discuss the state of the art of imaging biomarkers in these organs and how they should be implemented in daily clinical practice. A unique group of European faculty members, well known for their experience in applying novel imaging biomarkers, will offer top quality didactic lectures followed by technical considerations and clinical impact discussions in small groups.

Learning objectives:

- to understand different radiomic features and imaging biomarkers as spatially and temporally resolved surrogate indicators, representing virtual biopsies in different cardio-thoracic pathologies

- to critically evaluate the imaging biomarkers information related to individual patients' biological situation, clinical problems and treatment effects

- to assess the correlation, specificity and biases between surrogate imaging biomarkers and the different underlying processes

Termine und Preise
10.12. - 11.12.2018
/ Ab 12:00 Uhr
Valencia (Spanien)
/ Hospital Universitario y Politécnico La Fe
Early fee until eight weeks prior to the course Late fee after eight weeks prior to the course
ESR members in training € 200,00 € 250,00
Non-members in training € 300,00 € 350,00
ESR members € 300,00 € 350,00
Non-members € 400,00 € 450,00