4th Luxembourg Osteotomy Congress



- Osteotomies for degenerative deformities

- History of osteotomies

- HTO and biological preservation of the knee

- Biomechanics of osteotomies around the knee

- Epidemiology and etiology of malalignment of the lower extremity

- Joint line orientation in osteotomies

- Double-level osteotomy – technique and results

- How to design a good clinical study

- Biomechanical testing of osteotomy plates

- Finite Element Analysis in HTO

- Fill the wedge – biomechanical implications

- Stress and strain concept in bone healing

- Epidemiology/Complications/New techniques

- British Osteotomy Registry: update on UKKOR

- Reducing the risks: surgical principals for HTO

- Neurovascular complications – worst case Scenario

- Chronic bone infections

- Fill the wedge – clinical implications

- New implants, new challenges

- Osteotomies in the 3rd World

- Workshops

- Advanced concepts for osteotomies

- Osteotomies in the third world: simple fixation techniques for complex Problems

- Patient specific surgery (PSI) in osteotomies

- Limits of and surgical alternatives to PSI

- MIS: surgical technique HTO

- MIS: surgical technique DFO

- Osteotomies in the third world: simple fixation techniques for complex Problems

- Does alignment / high BMI effect cartilage thickness?

- HTO: a disease modifying operation?

- Osteotomies around the knee – the Russian perspective

- Step-by-step use of hexapod external fixators in bone deformities

- Torsional Deformities

- Advanced concepts for osteotomies

- Distal tibial Osteotomie

- Sports and HTO

- HTO and ACL: indications and surgical technique

- HTO and TKA

- Digital Planning with TraumaCad

Termine und Preise
30.11. - 01.12.2018
/ Ab 09:00 Uhr
Luxenburg (Luxemburg)
/ Centre Hospitalier de Luxembourg
Regulärer Preis
Medical Specialist € 290,00
Fellow, Resident € 240,00
Student € 120,00