Scientific programme

Key Topics

• Acute neurorehabilitation – How early, how long, how intensive?

• Impairment vs. compensation oriented approaches in stroke

• Future organisation of rehabilitation services

• International projects – from hospital to community

• Better epistemological and biometric strategies for neurorehab trials

• What clinical trials do we need?

• Use of High-tech approaches

• Long-survivers with disability after stroke

• New horizons in neurobiology and neuropharmacology

• New drugs improving impairment in combination with neurorehab procedures

• Better cognitive training strategies

• Nutritional aspects in neurorehabilitation

• Pain management

• Rehab in transition from childhood to adulthood

• What rehab is necessary for „mild“ TBI?

• After hospital care by refined IT

• Big data – Helpful in neurorehab?

Termine und Preise
07.10. - 10.10.2020
Lyon Cedex 06 (Frankreich)
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